Growing up, my family game nights usually consisted of breaking out The Game of Life, Sorry, and if you were really in the mood to start a knock down drag out fight with your loved ones, the dreaded Monopoly. Oh the atrocities I have witnessed during "friendly" Monopoly games. I still shudder from some of those memories..

In spite of all that, my love for games has not only survived, but it has flourished over the years. Lucky for me, my wife, Katie, is also an avid game fan. While playing Pandemic with some friends one night an idea came to her. Rather than the standard pizza, pretzels, and beer we usually had on hand, what if we made our next game night a thematic one? We could pick a game from our growing library and make snacks and drinks catered specifically to the one we played that night. The wheels began spinning, her inner Martha Stewart took over, and Game Night Grub was born.

Dave always knows how to take such flattering pictures. He plays any game he can get his hands on and really likes his beer. Can you tell where he'll be contributing here? He is also an enormous geek. And I mean that in a good way. And why I'm writing about myself in the 3rd person I have no idea. That further confirms his eccentricities. A fan of all things Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy, Dave is still a big kid at heart. And he is just a nut when it comes to Halloween. Don't even get me started...

Katie likes games, cosplay, long walks on the beach, and for reasons unknown, is married to that goof up there. Did he hit the jackpot or what? She is the driving force behind the cooking part of this site. Dave is the driving force behind the eating part. And she also keeps him in check. That in itself it a monumental task.