The car idled, barely moving, and all I could do was shake my head. Sure enough, I was going to be late for work again. What was it with all the traffic problems in this city? Sure, all cities have their share of gridlock but this was just getting ridiculous.. I've only been here a month and this was already the 4th time something bizarre brought my morning commute to a grinding halt.

First there was that overturned ice cream truck that converted the highway into a skating rink in the middle of an August heatwave. A week later there was that short guy in a tux waddling around in the street with an umbrella. It wasn't even raining.. And don't even get me started on that crazy cat lady. Nothing like some chick in a head to toe leather getup on the side of the road to get the rubberneckers going. And what was with all those cats? I bet she must have been feeding strays or something..

And now there's this clown.. No, I mean it, an actual clown. Just standing there laughing with a giant cartoonish looking bomb with BOOM! painted on the side. They must be filming a movie or something. I wish they had put up some signs... Then out of nowhere comes this weirdo in a black rubber suit and he cold-cocks the clown. Cheers erupt from the other drivers as he hauls that joker to his feet and out of traffic. At least it's moving again.. The boss is never gonna believe this one..

Maybe I never should have moved to Gotham City. This place is just too strange for me. Maybe I should think of transferring. Maybe I should look for a nice peaceful place instead. Maybe Somewhere quiet..

I wonder if the Metropolis branch is hiring..

  • Players: 2 - 5
  • Duration: 45-60 mins
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Type: Card Game
  • Deck Building

The Gameplay




In the DC Comics Deck-Building Game, the player assumes the role of one of comics most iconic super-heroes in a struggle against a force of sinister super-villains. Starting only with the most basic punches, you'll begin gaining more powerful cards and abilities as the game progresses. The villains are always looming but your deck of cards will grow with each new turn and soon become the mighty arsenal needed to defeat them. But you're not the only hero in town and only by gaining the most allies and overpowering the the most foes can you claim ultimate victory and heroic bragging rights!

Setup begins with each player randomly choosing a hero, each with its own unique power. They each also receive a starting deck of 10 cards consisting of 7 Punch and 3 Vulnerability cards. While the Punch cards can be used to buy more powerful cards during the game the Vulnerability cards represent the adversities that can face a hero and contribute nothing.

The cards that will be acquired during the game will mostly come from the main deck which is shuffled and placed in the center of the table. From that deck, 5 cards are dealt out face up in a row to the right to create the Line-Up. This assortment of cards will contain the locations, equipment, super-powers, heroes and villains a player can gain during their turn, each with their own power or ability. Each card has their purchase value in the lower right corner.

Next, place the Kick, Weakness, and Super-Villain stacks in a row at the end of the Line-Up. Kick cards are slightly upgraded Punch cards and are always available for purchase and Weakness cards are worth negative victory points and can only be gained through played card effects. The Super-Villain stack represents the foes you must defeat to complete the game. It is made up of 7 randomly chosen Super-Villains. These remain in a pile face down and Ra's Al Ghul is placed face up on top. He is the first foe you'll face each and every game.

With the game setup complete you're ready to play! All players draw 5 cards from their respective decks and play begins. During your turn you'll play all cards from your hand and add up their total power. Using that power you'll be able to purchase cards from the Kick stack or the Line-Up. As long as you have enough power you can purchase as many cards as you can afford. Any unspent power is lost. You can also choose to defeat a Super-Villain as long as your power is greater than or equal to it's purchase value. To end your turn, all gained cards, including any defeated Super-Villains, go into your discard pile, you draw 5 new cards, and replenish any spaces left by purchased cards in the Line-Up from the main stack. If you were lucky enough to dispatch a Super-Villain during your turn you'll also flip over the next in line. Man, you're good! You'll clean up this town in no time!

But you didn't think it would be that easy did you? Each new Super-Villain after Ra's Al Ghul has a First Appearance ability. When revealed for the very first time, these villains attack and force all players to do something bad. Some force you to discard cards, destroy heroes, or gain Weaknesses. These abilities are never good and can only hinder you. Only by discarding a card from your hand with the Defense ability can you avoid the negative affects of a newly revealed Super-Villain. Only by defending or complying can play continue on.

Play then passes to the left and the game continues this way until the last Super-Villain is defeated or until the Line-Up can no longer be replenished from the main stack. At these times, the game immediately ends and all players total their up their victory points. To do so, each player totals the numbers in the small stars on the bottom left of their cards. The player with the most victory points wins the game.

Will you heed the call and become a hero? Will you save the city from the clutches of the villainous masterminds before time runs out? Or will another protector swoop in and steal the admiration of the crowd as their mightiest hero? Only time will tell if you have what it takes to achieve victory and save the day! Will you pick up when the city calls? I think I hear the Batphone ringing somewhere.. Who will pick it up?

Will it be you?

The Grub


Anti-Hero IPA

The Joker

I've always loved comics and by far one of my favorites has been Batman. Who needs super powers when you have all those cool toys? His trusty Baterangs were always my favorites. We used those as a bit of inspiration for our Bananarangs. Each light, flaky crescent roll is stuffed with banana and Nutella, baked to a golden brown and topped with toasted almond or powdered sugar. No hero should ever go into battle on an empty stomach. But what's a hero without an Anti-Hero? This hoppy IPA from Revolution Brewing is a bit on the bitter side, a perfect match for the thirsty bad guy. And speaking of bad guys, The Joker has to top that list as the ultimate baddie. But our Joker cocktail is anything but. A sweet blend of vodka, blue curacao, and sparkling grape juice it's bound to leave you with a smile on your face.

The Reviews

Dave's Review:

As a fan of comic books (and Batman in particular) it's easy to see what drew me to this game. Also, with Katie's new found love of deck building games I knew it would have to be in the collection. Let's take a look at DC Comics Deck-Building Game.

As always, first we take a look at the components. I really like the artwork here, every bit of it looks like it was pulled direct from the pages of the DC titles themselves. Minor nitpick, I didn't see any signatures on any of the artwork. Being a fan of the art style, it would have been nice to know who drew what. Being a card game, the box size is acceptable and there's a plastic insert inside to help store your cards. While this is nice for the the base set, sadly they didn't accommodate for the storage of any future expansions. There's clearly space enough in the box but you'll have to remove the insert to store them. With limited shelf space for a growing game collection the ability to consolidate boxes without resorting to custom inserts is a perk that is sorely missed here. The hero cards themselves are very sturdy. Sadly, the game cards themselves aren't quite as tough. After only a half dozen plays I'm noticing a bit of wear on some cards. I can see the need to sleeve them in the near future to prevent further wear. The rule book however is very well done. It's incredibly concise and thorough and does an excellent job clarifying some of the more interesting card abilities.

As for the game play, if you've played deck building games before you'll pick this up right away. If you haven't played them before, this may be the game to introduce you to them. Fans of comics will love the theme and since each hero has it's own unique ability there's plenty of replay value. Add to that the random selection of villains that's a fair amount of options. Play goes pretty quick and is fairly intuitive. Some cards have some pretty interesting abilities and many times it's imperative to play them in the correct order to take the best advantage of them. But other than that I can't really say there's a ton of strategy involved here. You purchase cards you can afford from the line-up. While you can streamline a bit based on prior acquisitions I find that the most common strategy is to pick up the most expensive card you can until you can defeat a super-villain. Once they get added to your deck, they are very powerful. If you manage to get a quick jump on them it's easy to start pulling away. But all that aside, I find the game fun to play. Each game we've played so far has been very close with no runaway victories. We've only played it two players so can't comment on how it plays with more but we're definitely hoping to give it a try soon.

Overall, I like it. It's really easy to play and teach. The comic theme can really help to draw in new players. Setup is fast so there's not a lot of prep time prior to playing. Some games may tend to run a bit longer with some bad card draws but as a whole we've kept ours under an hour (even while first learning the game). We have fun every time we play so I really happy with the purchase and will consider picking up the Heroes Unite and Crisis expansions. I think this is a good pickup for fans of comic books and those that want to give deck-builders a try and I'm more than happy to have this in our collection.

I give DC Comics Deck-Building Game 7 of 10 Caped Crusaders

Katie's Review:

It is the age old question. Regular or Decaf? Republican or Democrat? Cubs or White Sox? DC or Marvel? Though I may be a Marvel girl, that did not stop me from enjoying this straight forward and competitive deck building game. Set up is simple. The cards are clear and easy to follow (except for one). The art is comic book quality. The super villain cards are fun to collect and even more fun to use against your opponent. There are plenty of cards to have good replayability but the game play does not change much. I do have a complaint about the kick cards. They are a little pricey for what they do. Also, a little note to DC, there are not enough female heroes.

I give DC Comics Deck-Building Game 8 of 10 Lassos of Truth

Looking to pick up The DC Comics Deck-Building Game?

The DC Comics Deck-Building Game can be purchased at Amazon or at your local game store. Ours is the Wandering Dragon out in Plainfield, IL. If you're local check 'em out. It's an incredible place run by some incredible people. You won't regret it!